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Save The Earth

Save The Earth

by yningg on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A game that teaches people to do proper classification of recyclable waste while also raising awareness of this topic.

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The Problems :

Nowadays, modern society is ignorant about recycling and waste management. According to the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp), the recycling rate was at a low 28%. More than half of the waste generated is sent to sanitary landfills, with 40% of the waste being recyclable. Most people do not know the correct way of classifying their waste and have instead thrown them in the wrong bin or clumped them all together in a single bin.

The Solution :

Create a game that teaches people the proper classifications of recyclable waste while also raising awareness of the said topic. The reason for this game is to instil an interest and confidence within people in hopes that they will recycle their waste properly to help reduce the amount of garbage on this planet.

The Strategy :

To collaborate with Sunway pyramid and Toys R Us, two companies that have done environmental protection activities, and set up a booth in the Orange Atrium in Sunway Pyramid to host the game along with Toy R Us. The event will be held during the school holidays as the number of teenagers in shopping malls increases during this period. Participants will stand a chance to receive a discount voucher that can be used in any Toys R Us event as a reward.

How it works : 

1. Start the game

2. Go through the tutorial

3. Tap to link the road

4. Choose the right route/right bin

5. Get your result & receive some feedback

6. Get a discount voucher

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