Maddison Green Portfolio 2019-2020

Maddison Green Portfolio 2019-2020

Maddison Green
by maddisongreen on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of my favourite work from the last year! I'm a third year student in the Bachelor of Media Arts at the University of South Australia. Please enjoy!

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This work in progress shot was created as my major project for the visual effect specialisation in FX and Lighting with Rising Sun Pictures and The University of South Australia. I was aiming to produce a mountain base camp inspired by the base camps of Mt Everest. All effects were produced using Houdini and the comp of the shot was completed in Nuke. This shot has a reprojected foreground, procedural modelled flagpole, vellum cloth flags, vellum softbody tent and pyro volumes for the ground smoke.

This is the breakdown of the above shot.

These shots were created in Houdini as apart of class work in the visual FX and Lighting specialisation. The first shot was using particle to VDB volumes to replicate the train smoke. The second was using vellum cloth to create realistic movement. The third truck shot is a combination of simulations. It uses RDB voronoi fracturing, particles and VDB volumes.

The look development of this welding machine was done in Substance Painter as apart of a Look Development and Lighting course with Rising Sun Pictures. My main focus with this project was to create a visually interesting asset with realistic secondary layers, including; scratches, dirt, burns on the torch and fingerprints on high contact areas.

This bicycle model was created in 2019 using Autodesk Maya following real life photo references.

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