Houdini FX TD Reel - Diego Castillo

Houdini FX TD Reel - Diego Castillo

Diego Castillo
by diego on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Houdini Reel with some student projects and other personal projects that I did after graduating. A lot of procedural setups and all kind of simulations such as particles, rbd, flips and pyro. I hope you like it! =D

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ISS Project - RBD

I created a full procedural space station taking as main reference the NASA International Space Station. I modeled the main assets in Maya and then bring them into Houdini to assemble them procedurally using a lot of VEX.

Once I had the ISS, I tried to recreate one of the shots from Gravity (2013).

- RBD simulations.

- Particle simulations.

- Pyro simulations.

Rendered with Arnold.

Fractal Building - Procedural modeling & procedural animation

I tried to recreate some shots from Dr. Strange (2016).

I procedurally modeled all the buildings and the Fractal Building has fully VEX driven procedural animation, without solvers or keyframes.

- Vellum clothes simulation for the Ancient One.

-Particle simulation for the spell and the portal.

Rendered with Mantra.

Waterbending Project - Flip

Procedural tentacles guided with Vellum string simulation.


- The water ring is a FLIP simulation guided by a POP Curve Force and I also used a POP Wind to disturb the velocity field and no gravity applied.

- For the water tentacles I used the Suction Fluid Tool, is a FLIP simulation that applies Anti-Gravity and Drag through a POP Wrangle and also creates a Suction Force with a Gas Field Wrangle.

- The last simulation is the lake interaction with the water ring. Is just an Extended Ocean Flat Tank with the previous water ring mesh as a collider. For the render I applied an Ocean Spectrum displacement.

Reference from the animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008).

Rendered with Mantra.

Flamethrower Project - Pyro

- Particle simulation with custom temperature for the source.

- Pyro simulation.

Rendered with Mantra.

DNA Infection Project - POP Fluid

- DNA helix procedural modeling.

- Vellum string simulation.

- POP Fluid simulation.

Rendered with Mantra.

Houston road network and traffic system - Procedural tool

- Procedural road and traffic tool. Road generation based on any curve. The traffic system supports any amount of vehicle types.

- VEX driven traffic animation, without solvers or simulations.

- Road network and traffic layout.

- I also helped with the RBD simulation.

Rendered with Mantra.

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