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The Art of Semper

The Art of Semper

Adrián Pujol
by adrianpujol on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there, i'm Adrian Pujol a 3D junior character artist focused on stylized and cartoon content. I have chosen my recent artworks i done at Vfxnext with the guidance of my mentor Vladimir Minguilo. Wish you all a good day and hope you like it!

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Pocahontas is my first model for the contest, based on "Ralph breaks the internet" version. 

I made her from start to finish through all the phases modelling, sculpting, texturing, shading, grooming, blendshapes, rigging, lighting, rendering and compo, it's been a tough challenge since it was my first big project.

For the main cover image i tried to a achieve nostalgic and fantasy vibe with the purple tones similar to the old films.

During the process creation i decided to make the two outfits that Pocahontas wears on the film, the native and the casual version. It was really fun searching references while watching the princess scenes of the film. Thumbs up for Merida! 

I learned a lot doing that 360 render, right now i would change a bit the set up but you know is better done than perfect.

I enjoyed creating those details but i suffer quite a lot with the club asset, i never sculpted wood and that displacement drove me crazy! 

It was my first time doing blendshapes and i felt it quite rewarding. Been able to explore those different moods and facial expressions was awesome rather than stick with the neutral one.

You can sneak peek all the uvs udims i created for the Pocahontas project. 

I introduce you my second model for the contest.

O'yun the cloud creator, a god that can create clouds and cast the fury of the skies. He's usually happy and kind but his anger can be fatal. 

After countless hours of modelling, sculpting, texturing , shading, posing, editing and composing i end up with this final cover image, mixing 3D and 2D in a cloudy sky.

The design is made by Shen Yh an amazing concept artist check him out.(

I tried different HDRI set ups searching the look for the 360º render video.  

Here i let you some render details , i spend quite a lot of time polishing that assets.

In the early exploration of the concepts of Shen Yh i found an evil version of the character and i decided to do it as an added value. I imagined a situation of O'yun throwing thunders with a very pissed off expression and though it would be cool to make it.

For the last image i wanted to make a bonus sleeping pose. I really enjoyed looking for a night mood. At first it was quite a challenge to pose the arms and hands due to the bracelets, but i decided to hang them in a smaller cloud behind him. 

 So that's it folks, thank you very much therookies for making this kind of contests all these years. Have a nice day!

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