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Timo Nys: portfolio

Timo Nys: portfolio

Timo Nys
by timonys1998 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, thanks for checking out my Rookies submission. Here you will find some of my proudest results, I was able to finish over the last year. I aspire to be a graphics programmer, meaning I spent countless hours to get those pixels on your screen to look fabulous and rendered as optimized as possible.

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Volumetric clouds

The game Horizon Zero Dawn heavily inspired me to do research into volumetric clouds, to recreate their result as good as I was able to achieve in a short period of about 6 weeks.

​Their clouds look very realistic and change dynamically over time. They make the player feel much more immersed in their world, and that is exactly what I love about them.

The way I did it in broad terms, is by using various different noises. Then by using a raymarch technique the clouds density gets sampled from the noise textures. Other noises are then used to add detailing on for instance the edges. I can also make use of something called a weather map to determine cloud coverage, type and precipitation.

​Finally to get the realistic light scattering inside of the cloud, I made use of mathematical equations like Henyey-Greenstein and an adapted Beers law called beer-powder.

All of this was done using a combination of custom shader code and material nodes inside of Unreal Engine 4.

Galaxy knight

Galaxy knight is a 3D platformer inspired by games like Mario galaxy and Crash bandicoot. This project uses an extended version of a premade base framework made by Matthieu Delaere and Thomas Goussaert. My focus layed with post-processing shaders and the characters movement using spherical gravity. Most assets except for the character were made by myself.

Edge detection

Color grading




Used to get an old-school retro look for the game. Size of pixels can be changed as well.


Fur generated on the GPU, using a geometry shader. Fully written in HLSL over the timespan of 1 week.

UE4 Space station

Level created in Unreal Engine 4. Displaying material / shader knowledge, gameplay flow, lighting.

Cryo-pod room

Generator room

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