Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Daniel Goh
by danielgh on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My second try at character sculpting! This project took around a week to complete from scratch. Maybe lockdowns aren't that bad..

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This is my second likeness try for another character, Doctor Strange! 

This is my second realistic character that I've ever sculpted since learning ZBrush! I worked more on the "likeness" portion for this project and spent more time on primary shapes and then skin detailing & texturing.

This project took a total of ~1 week to complete from scratch. I started with R&D to Sculpting to Look Development and the full workflow!


I always begin with searching for references, this time a tad bit more than my previous project to ensure that I have enough things to refer to. I also learnt to look out for certain things in references like certain landmarks of the face and such while sculpting.

I collected references for clothes as I had planned to do a full outfit but I didn't have enough time to do so (maybe in the near future).

Sculpting, Grooming and Look Dev

I begin sculpting from a base mesh using ZBrush and start moving and sculpting things into place. 

Once complete I bring the model over to Mari to paint the displacement maps and Albedos (XYZ). 

I then export it to Substance Painter to refine the albedo map and add details like veins. 

Finally everything is brought back into Maya and I create the shaders using VRay. Grooming is also done with XGen Core in Maya.


Grooming was a tedious process (as usual) but fun. I ran into many issues with XGen but still learnt a ton from troubleshooting. I tried to keep my guides spaced properly and to ensure the hair itself had proper volume to it while grooming.

I had multiple XGen descriptions each bound to its own haircap: 

MainHair, Sideburns, Eyebrows, Eyelash, Beard, Peachfuzz

And that is all! Hope you enjoyed this piece! It was a really fun and an enjoyable one for me. Definitely more I can improve on but its part of the journey. Till then, see you in the next project! 

Thank you very much!

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