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2019 Real-Time VFX Reel

2019 Real-Time VFX Reel

Nathan Plante
by particle on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey There! All of these were done as part of my graduation demo reel at Gnomon. I want to give a big thanks to all my friends and instructors for their help and feedback through it all.

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Stormy Forest

Just thought a storm would be cool. I made a fire shader in UE4 that used dynamic parameters to create variation in the particle system.

Gem Pickups - Breakdown

I wanted to make something fun out of this mineral generator i made. Gems were generated in Houdini then given a sculpt and bake pass to get nice normals and edge wear. Masks were then painted for the shader that controlled color and subsurface in UE4.

Giant Laser

Just Wanted to create a anime feeling laser that just wrecks a frozen lake. Had to create a custom cloud shader that i could animate to give the feeling of the laser punching through them. Shaders were also created for the mesh laser and the ice itself. The mountains were created using houdini height fields and baked/textured in painter.

Exploding Pumpkin - Breakdown

The goal here was to make a small, timed explosion. The Smoke flipbook and fracture were both done in Houdini. The pumpkin was sculpted in ZBrush and hand painted in substance painter.

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