Modelling for games - An environment, a bit of hard surface and a teeny bit of character

Modelling for games - An environment, a bit of hard surface and a teeny bit of character

Harry Matthias
by hmatthias on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Greetings Traveller! Grab a flagon of ale as i take you through a couple projects i've been working on!

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A little summary

Well met! About 2 years ago i embarked on the journey of Learning 3D Modelling and back in october of 2019 i began studying with CG Spectrum. Around that time I came across a fork in the road with my learning and decided the best path for me was to seek mentorship and structured learning on top of my self-study. October was a pivotal moment in my journey as it marks the time i became fully focused on 3D as a potential future. In my submission id like to showcase the personal progress i have made over the past few months with a hard surface character and and environment. I believe it is fundamental to remain optimistic in the face of challenge. My desire to create drives my work and that it's just a lot of fun! Thank you for taking the time to Look! Have a great day! :)

Warcraft Tavern

For my term 2 project i was tasked with creating an environment, i chose to create a tavern from world of warcraft as it was always something i've wanted to do so why not! The tavern itself is based on both the Hearthstone tavern in Overwatch and Lunarfall inn in World of warcraft and mostly intended as a recreation. My main aim was to make it recognizable as a tavern of azeroth. This project really taught me alot from the get go about setting realistic goals, learning when  to stop, remaining consistent and having a clear goal in mind when executing ideas. From the start i was constantly hitting hurdles but each hurdle was a chance to learn and improve and were a welcome challenge. This is the first environment i have created and by no means the last! This is my first time using Unreal Engine and despite the mistakes and errors made This was a project of passion and my love for warcraft.

SIde note: Have not Thought up a decent name for the tavern yet so any suggestions are welcome. :)


During the first week i created various assets i could reuse within the environment. I also created a small demo environment so i could envision where i was going. Spoiler... this iteration below was scrapped soon after!

I wanted to set a clear benchmark to aim for when creating each asset so i modelled and textured a table and barrel to see what the end result would look like in my chosen style. Textured in Substance and rendered in Marmoset. I made use of a stylized material from 3dex tutorials, those tutorials were also a big help in achieving a stylized look also K9TV with their video on stylized wood planks. content like this is massively helpful and i am forever grateful for it!

Final scene

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During Term 1 we were tasked with Creating a model from a given concept art intended for use in a game engine. I really enjoyed working on this project as it was my first experience hard surface modelling a piece to completion. Below are some of the Renders and animation test created within Maya.

Concept art created by Brandon Reimchen:

Overall i really enjoyed working on these projects as it has helped to highlight the areas that i need to improve on future works. I have learnt a great deal over the past few months and am excited to see where i go next! Big thanks to my mentor Alex Lori! especially for letting me explore the tavern idea!  and Thank you for taking the time to look through.


Here is a little look at a current piece i am working to complete From the Character modelling section of CG spectrum course.

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