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Portfolio 2020

Portfolio 2020

CADINOT Alexandre
by cadinot on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey ! Here's a little summary of some of my personnal projects, alongside with some community models. Can't wait to see what's coming next as i'm in my final student year ! Hope you like it !

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Culexus Assassin (Source Engine) fan art

Back in 2017, i was learning a bit about skinning & rig tweaking, i was also experimenting with Source Engine 1. This was my very first character successfully done.
The Rig & Skin was made with 3dsMax, while the rest were done with Maya & Zbrush. The textures are done in Photoshop.

The model itself contains 25 variations and the whole thing is 80k polygons
Huge thanks to Joazzz & NinjaNub, those guys taught me a lot of things about Game Art over time.

FN P90 - Elijah McNeal Fan Art

This is from 2018, when i was learning about texturing & baking with Substance and topology optimisation. It was a first time for me to make a highpoly, baking it and then texturing the whole thing into Painter.  Back then, it was quite a challenge, but it was fun and educative !

As this project is quite old, the baking was not as good as it could have been and there's some visible errors there and there.

The design is based on one of the amazing Elijah McNeal's concepts which you can find here :

Rifle 01 - Elijah McNeal Fan Art

This too, is from 2018. It's a direct followup to that P90. It was also a first test for baking with Marmoset Toolbag 3 (both Normal map & AO). The rest is made with Substance Painter.

This time, there was a proper highpoly model and some texturing mistakes that i avoided from what i've learnt with the P90. 

There's still some basic errors and some methodical errors of texturing (like on the fibrous pattern of the grip-stock)

Yup, it's also one of Elijah McNeal's concepts

 I think Elijah's concepts are great for practicing 3d hard-surface, because the weapons designs are reasonnable and quite close to the reality, meanwhile having a cool near future sci-fi look, they have complex shapes too !

Samurai - Real-time

This is from the very beginning of 2020. The goal was to get away a bit from the very old (and therefore very limited) Source Engine. Trying out making a character rendered with another engine.

It was also the opportunity to try and make better textures and beaking, so most of the highpoly meshes used where sculpted in Zbrush. Also the clothes were made with Marvelous. It was a bit of a challenge since i tried to add lot more detail from the previous characters i did.

Normal Map & AO are baked with Marmoset, the rest is Zbrush, Marvelous, Maya & Substance Painter (Modeling, Texturing, Rig & Skin)

It's a very classic samurai design, but with a tiny occidental feel. The armor, for instance, is usually made of wood. I chose to replace it with a rough metallic material. The colors has been tuned down and, in general, the aesthetism is closer to the feudal occidental style.

Skitarii Ranger (Remake) fan art

This is a remake of one of my old characters from 2017, check the Skitarii Ranger on my Rookie/Artstation page :

I wanted a more realistic, a more modern design compared to the old version. Like the samurai, it was mostly for texturing practice. Most of the meshes are sculpted and the clothes were made with Marvelous as well.

Optimisation (both in materials and in topology) was a key issue while making this. i haven't got too far in the details, because i was trying to find the balance between what's good looking, and what's optimised because the model contains 59 unique variations, and is made with 4 x 2k materials.
The whole thing is 88k polygons which makes 143k tris

Again, big thanks to Joazzz and the trusted comrades for the support and help on the design !

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