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(2017) Skitarii Ranger fan art (Game ready - Source Engine)

(2017) Skitarii Ranger fan art (Game ready - Source Engine)

CADINOT Alexandre
by cadinot on 28 Apr 2020

(This project was made back in 2017) Here are some Skitarii Rangers, from the Warhammer 40K universe made for fun & practice back when i was learning how to integrate models to the Source Engine. Thanks to NinjaNub & Joazzz for the support ! All copyrights goes to Games Workshop

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Modelised with Maya, Sculpted with Zbrush, Textured with Photoshop (and a bit of Substance Painter for the clothes) Normal Maps made with Xnormals, Rig & Skin made with 3dsMax. Rendered in Source Engine.

The model itself contains 59 "bodygroups" (Equipment options that are activatable independently of others) & 16 skins. They are usable in game.

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