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My Character Artworks, Marcel Pou.

My Character Artworks, Marcel Pou.

Marcel Pou Soler
by marcelpou on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I present to you my character models that i'm most proud of, I really hope they will be up to the task. Strong hug from Barcelona!

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KOBOLD, Realistic Creature.

Based on Lucas Parolin's concept about when D&D Kobolds used to be mammals instead reptilians.  With this guy i learned a lot about photorealistic highpoly sculpting in Zbrush and also texturing in Mari. 3dsMax for the initial base mesh, some hard surface assets and final retopo.

Some detailed renders with no color to see the sculpt, only with bump and displacement maps.

Here you can see the wireframe

Finally the UVs, 2 UDIMS for the character and 2 for the Costumes and assets. Difuse maps here.


Little more stylized character here. Made for a Real Time engine, low poly mesh with normal map. This is a school project in which we could not exceed 50k Tris, i used 23k for the body and costumes and i used the rest for the hair and fur (with haircards). With this guy i learned to Bake and Texture with Substance Painter and Render in Marmoset

Some wired renders and one screenshot i made to show you the polycount.

UV time, i used 1 UDIM for the body and 2 for the costumes and assets. You can see the color, normal and roughness maps.

Finally let me show you the highpoly sculpt i made for retopo and baking.

The Elder Dwarf. Another Real Time Character.

Based on the Art of Pathfinder RPG RuleBook. The complete model has 47,5k Tris with all layers of clothing.

Wireframe and polycount.

I managed to upload this guy on sketchab. Pretty cool!

Same as Orc, 1 UDIM for skin / hair and 2 for costumes. 3 main maps here.

Redhead Warrior, Another Real Time Character.

25k Tris and two Texturesets for the character. 3k Tris for the Axe. Based on Salena Barnes' design "Viking Daughter"

Some neutral and wired renders.

Sketchfab time!

Here you can see the UV sets and polycound screenshot.

And the higopoly sculpt i made for retopo and baking

AZYMONDIAS, The Dragon Prince.

Finally another Real Time Character, Azymondias from the Netflix series. 27k Tris and 1 sigle texture set. Pretty cute, don't you think?

Some neutral renders to see the wireframe.

I also have this little one on sketchfab!

And of course i also want to show you my UV work, as always.

There is no more production characters to show you, but i have some sculpt practices that i'm pretty proud of and i'd like you to see.

I made this Baby Boo to practice anime likeness and also i learned to work with the Zbrush polypaint tools.

I made this Hellboy sketch to record me working with dynamesh and show the video to my friends who don't understand the difference between a 2D illustration and a 3D artwork. I was quite happy with the result considering how fast i went.

Finally i want to show you my last practice, I really wanted to do something a little more realistic again and i thought that the shapes of a skull were quite interesting.

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