Hugo Teixeira

Hugo Teixeira

by hugoteixeira on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are all the projects I realized and present at the Rookie Awards

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• FIRST PROJECT : Medieval Alley

I realized a personal project of a medieval alley on which I carried out all the steps of modelling, texturing, lighting, Fx, etc... For that I used software such as Maya, Speedtree, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.

• Final Result of Medieval Alley

• Different atmospheres with the same point of view.

• Here are some special effects I made for this scene.

• Wireframe view of my modeling.

Software used : Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine.

• Inspirated on the Medieval Village concept of Maverick.

• SECOND PROJECT : Shaman Head, Lighting - Compositing.

In this project i have doing lighting and compositing on the modelised and textured shaman head by Savany Audrey.

• Final Render.

• Render Passes View.

Software used : Maya, Arnold, Nuke.

• THIRD PROJECT : Apocaliptic Gate Diorama

This project is a diorama realized by group of two people. In this group, I was responsible for modeling and texturing the hardsurface. This is the part I'm presenting here.

• Diorama, Textured Version.

• Diorama, Wireframe.

• Diorama, Wireframe Zoom.

• Drone for Diorama, Textured Version.

• Drone for Diorama, Wireframe.

• Final Render

• Lighting by me and my partner Oceanne Testard.

• Creature by Oceanne Testard.

Software used : Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold.

• FOURTH PROJECT : Spaceship for Group Project

In the context of a worshop I participated in the group project for which I created this spaceship but also the level design and a part of the lighting.

• Spaceship View 1

• Spaceship View 2

• Spaceship Wireframe View

• Different point of view of Spaceship.

• Video of full group project : Spaceship Hangar in Unreal Engine 4

• Group composed of : Chagnon Bastien, empereur Thibault, Perret Guillaume, Martiny Charles, Teixeira Hugo.

Software used : Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine.


First Plan Of my Short Movie " Pavel " I'm Working On with my teammates for our last year of school at Bellecour Ecole.

I do some Props ,LookDevs,And the Set Dressing, Lighting ,  Rendering And Compositing.

My  teammates : Hugo Teixeira - Clarence Boucharlat - Manon Denty - Dhalluin Nathan- Charlie Labas - Pugnat Lucas - Audisio Gabriel.

Rendered in ACES  on Arnold.

Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold, Nuke, Davinci Resolve.

Older Render For Some Props of "Pavel"

Some Props i do for "Pavel" The movie.

Set Dressing and Lighting on the Room of Pavel the movie :

(No comp)

Gun with Lowpoly Wireframe

Some props i do for "Pavel" The movie 

I do all the modeling and texturing except the TV texture by Clarence Boucharlat.

Edsel Ranger Sedan 1958 Modeling (PreviewSmooth Wireframe)

• SIXTH PROJECT : Lamborghini Lighting Test.

Render (no compositing) on a lamborghini modelised and textured by Romain Maistre-Bazin.

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