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Student Reel 2020 & Portfolio by Remy Vu

Student Reel 2020 & Portfolio by Remy Vu

Remy Vu
by remyvu on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! This is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2020 Contest. I'm a student in 3rd year at ArtFX and here's all my best work done through this year. I want to work in the VFX / film industry one day. Hope you will enjoy my content!

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The symphony of an artist - Live object

This work was at first, a hard surface work for school (I chose to do a piano). Once done, we had to put the object in the environment of our choice. Throughout some of my references (see below) I decided to place the piano in a room where we can feel a "warm feeling". This kind of feeling that I called myself the symphony of an artist. Pretty poetic, right ?


Unveiled Harmony - FX Practice

Once my previous project was done. I decided to do some FX test with my asset. I'm currently learning Houdini and it was the perfect time to try some fun stuff! By watching a lot of abstract art, this project came up in my mind.

Premonition - FX / Keying practice

This project came from a long way. It's a shot generously provided by the Haru team, which are currently working on their graduation short film for our school. This work allowed me to go through FX (tornado & rice plants), keying, live integration, comp, grading and so on. My first project of this kind.

Resumption - Student Short Film

Not really a work from this year, but this one allowed me to be at ArtFX. It's my graduation work for HEAJ (VFX), a well-known school in Belgium. We had three months to realize it.

It also gave me the opportunity to do an interview with Substance that you can find here:

I wasn't expecting that at all and I'm proud of my teammates for making it possible.

(You can find the video of the short film on the link above)


Vision of the bad omen - Personal project

This time, something more mystical and different from what I used to do. It was the perfect work for me to practice my FX, lighting and composition technique. Everything was done by me except the plants in the back (Megascan).


The Forgotten Temple of Asia - 3D Environment

Again, not from this year, but it was my first environment done in 3ds Max with Vray.

I like ruins and the history behind it. This work was inspired by Angkor Wat (Cambodge).

Snow Fall - FX practice

I did this one with the help of the amazing course from Applied Houdini.

Thanks to Nuke, I could do some extra details (cam shake, blur, ...).

The Mosson - VFX workshop

A little project that allowed me to learn new compositing technique. We had one week to integrate some CG to the original footage provided by our professor.

Strange Cubes - VFX workshop

Same as before, this project helped me to improve my compositing skill.

Thank you for looking and your time! I hope that you appreciated my projects.

I can't wait to go further next year and as usual, sharing my future works!

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