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3D Character Artist / Indie Game Dev

3D Character Artist / Indie Game Dev

Jeremie Boyer
by nightcreativity on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Mostly self-taught artist, this year I decided to go through 2 months of mentorship(Shoutout to Joshua Lynch and Peter Zoppi). We worked on the presentation of my projects, visuals fundamentals and fine-tuning my workflow for efficiency. In the meantime, I've been coding C# and developing indie Games!

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The Traveler

The traveler was inspired by Tom Hardy's character, Alfie, in Peaky Blinder.  This Serie showcases lots of characters with different nationalities and great background stories based on the after World War I time period, so I decided to create my own character based on the same theme!

The character contains 86k triangle, 36k of those are used for the hairs. It was part of the peaky blinder challenge back in January 2020, even though, it wasn't completely finished. I was rewarded with the excellence award! https://www.therookies.co/entries/4172

14 Material, 4k maps for the head, 2k maps for most of the other pieces and 1k

K-Soldier Seong

Made from my own Concept art, K-Soldier Seong is a top-secret Korean weapon with surgical precision. She is especially great at escaping dangerous situations. It goes without saying, she doesn't fear action!

125k triangle

20k for the hairs ( but haven't optimized them yet ! )

hairs we're made using 3ds max with the follow path/spline technique. Hair strands we're made using hair strand designer found on gumroad.

pants and skirt we're made in marvelous designer.

face texture made with texture xyz and substance painter, using the photoshop wrapping technique.

particles we're made of planes/cloths with textures applied to it.

The FrostWolf Orc

Made from my own concept arts, inspired by world of warcraft orcs. It was originally in my Rookie of the years 2019 entry, but it's now greatly improved! It's not always fun to go back on old projects and fix rookie mistakes, but I'm glad I did! It shows how much I've improved in a year. 

My Rookies of the Year 2019 entry for the curious : https://www.therookies.co/entries/3276

Sculpted in zbrush, retopologized in 3d coat, fur and rig made in 3ds max, textures made in substance painter, rendered in marmoset.

The Brazilian Girl

I've made this character to experiment and improve in zbrush. I also started learning corona, shaders, and rendering, while doing the renders for this project. 

It was originally in my rookies of the year 2019 entry and has been barely fine-tuned since then.

Jordan Binnington, 2019 stanley cup champion rookie season

In this project, I challenged my self to not use zbrush, so I can improve my texturing skills in substance painter!

25k triangles for the head, including hair cards

65k triangles for the rest of the body

I used one 2k map for the head and one 4k map for everything else.

Genji Baihu Sculpt

Based on the overwatch Genji Baihu skin made by Hong Chan Lim. I've been using zbrush lately for some 3D printing projects, and this is what it looks like so far. 

We could say 3D printing is my 2nd or 3rd passion! I had to sculpt the character, pose it, and slice it into parts that would easily be assembled after printing. You need to be aware of the 3D printing process to prepare it correctly for printing, because complicated models like this one may lead to many artifacts and 3D printing headache! I also considered splitting it into parts for easy painting. :) 

I'm currently 3D printing it, and I will post the final results on my profile when it's finished!

Age of Champions: Apocalypse [Mobile]

This game took me at least 2 years in my spare time... I had to learn all by my self, how to code and create games using Unity !

For more info about the game, visit https://www.nightcreativity.com/ageofchampions 

I've done most of what you see in the game, including most of the Ui, all the characters, the maps but with extra props for the interiors from the asset store. I also did the effects and particles, the AI, and more!

later, I remastered the character just for fun :)

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