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Wrong house, FOOL!

Wrong house, FOOL!

4 thieves try to rob the same house, they need to avoid grandma or they'll be caught, whoever has the best loot wins!

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As the sun sets and the inhabitants of the peaceful bungalow go to sleep, it is now your time to take action. With you and fellow burglar friends helping you out, you set off to rob poor-old-Grandmas's house. Interestingly enough, some other thieves decided to rob the same house as you did. I wonder who'll come out with the best haul! Also, watch out for the Grandma and her special walker, I've been told they don't like visitors 😉.

In the house, there are different items with different weighs and different values, choose wisely what you will take while it is still dark, and don't hesitate to show some violence towards those that want to take what you saw first.

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