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Happy Loca Strawberry and the Galactic Collector

Happy Loca Strawberry and the Galactic Collector

Cristina Tirado
by cristirado on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi guys! My name is Cristina and I'm a 3D artist specialized in characters. I'm going to present  two personal projects that I've done recently: one for fun and for the Rookies and the other one just for fun :). I hope you like them! 

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She's Ekaterina. She is a kind of Russian "astronaut" from the 70s, when Kaiju monsters, from Ultraman, were hanging around bothering people. In fact, I was inspired by the female character space suit of Yuriko Oka to make her galactic helmet. We hope that in space it will be allowed to be used when driving an anti-gravity motorbike :).

The point is, she's no longer fighting the Kaijus. There was a temporary anomaly and she ended up traveling into the future (where space travel is common and there's commerce across the galaxy). So now she travels from one planet to another, from one time to another, learning about new cultures and collecting rare pieces of equipment that she uses on her next trips. She's a galactic collector and that's why she's having that nice futuristic retro outfit, of course!

For the anatomy, I looked at references of girls with clean and striking features.

For the mk0 suit I made a mix between 70s Sci-fi movie outfits (as I mention with the helmet) and a slight modern twist from the SpaceX spacesuit. For the other suit, the mk7, I based on some minimalist and futuristic Pinterest references and leaving the mind and strokes a bit free. 

The following project is called happy loca strawberry. This was a really funny project! I was based on the great concept art of my friend Celeste Marí, who has a style that I love. We both agreed that strawberry was the coolest fruit of all (also, she told me that it must be one of the few fruits that have its seeds on the outside, which makes it even cooler). But what I did not tell her was that I discovered that the strawberry was not really a fruit, but that the true fruits are the "seeds" from outside. I hope you like it!

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