Bram Lepelaar - Concept Art Portfolio

Bram Lepelaar - Concept Art Portfolio

Bram Lepelaar
by bramlepelaar on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey everyone, I'm Bram! I'm currently studying at the Breda University of Applied Science to become a concept artist for games or movies. For my Rookies entry I collected my best work and showcased it here. My goal is to get an internship for next year so I can grow faster as an artist.

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Personal Project


I would like to start my Rookies entry with some of the work I'm most proud of. I started my personal project to improve my concept art skills and really push myself to get better at creating appealing compositions and interesting scenes.

Here I'd like to share the best pieces so far, some thumbnails and a small portion of the research and references.

School Projects

Game: Exhibited

Exhibited is one of the student games at our school. I had the pleasure to make a couple concepts regarding mood, look and feel. Exhibited is a first person stealth game, where you play as an inventor who uses gadgets and upgrades to steal art from a private collection. The game is located in a small palazzo.

Game: SKYE

SKYE is another game project that is being developed at our school. It was super fun to make concepts and thumbnails in the early stages of the development of the game. SKYE is an arcady flight game where you get to explore a world inspired by the Scottish Hebrides. Fly around the beautiful islands, complete quests for the locals, and set the fastest times in races while flying through the painterly environment in your seaplane.

Other concepts

I'd like to finish up with some concepts and drawings I did in between projects. These were mainly to figure out new techniques or just to relax.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoyed it.

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