Incoming short movie

Incoming short movie

Laury Morosi
by Ruben Garnes-Pérard, Elisa Seignez, Jean-Baptiste Kasparian, Laury Morosi, Mathias Barrière, Tiffanie Quequet, and laurymorosi on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Incoming is the story of Emma, young student, lives with Etienne, her life partner. One day, he tells her that he feels really to start a family with her. But Emma is very far from feeling ready and is facing her fears.

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Concepts characters by Clarisse Magand

Concepts of environment by Valentin Auboiron

Babies searches, concepts of objects and color key by Landy Coline

Colour and light for the dog and the environment, title and poster of the film and baby representation of the team members by Marie-Bérénice Forsans

Illustrations for photos by Antoine Ly and Lola Gateau

Sculpt, topology, facial gym, blendshapes and clothes of all characters by Elisa Seignez 

Rigg and switch clothes with nodal system by Tiffanie Quequet

Layout by Ruben Garnes-Pérard and Jean-Baptiste Kasparian

Evolution of playblast in the end

Incoming's artist

Concept artist

Valentin Auboiron -apartment, babies
Sybilia Chavonat - babies search
Marie-Bérénice Forsans - light and color, portraits of polaroids, title and poster's movie
Coline Landy - props, color key, babies, logo's movie
Clarisse Magand - Emma, Etienne and Albert the dog
Antoine Ly - photo's content
Lola Gateau - photo's content

3D artist

Tiffanie Quequet - director, scriptwriter, storyboarder, rigging
Ruben Garnes-Pérard - co-director, co-storyboarder, animaton, layout, environment modeling, set-dressing, co-production managment
Jean-Baptiste Kasparian - animation, so-storyboarder, layout
Elisa Seignez - modeling, blendshapes, rigging
Matias Barrière - texturing, shading
Laury Morosi - environment modeling, set-dressing, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing, video editor, co-production managment, communication officer.

Music and sound design

Thomas Kubler - music
Hugo Williame - music
Benoît Griesbach - sound design and mixing
Astrid Saule - voice acting


Thelma Auvray - water FX
Emilie Vignon - diaper's modeling
Malko Bonet-Eymard - rigging
Antoine Sabourin - outbuildings's modeling and texturing
Anne-Laure Thuduri - old radio's modeling and texturing
Supa Nurse's team - book's modeling and texturing
Mathilde Lhoste - baby animation
Nathanaël Zuccone - baby animation
Gaëlle Roche - baby animation
Jérémy Pasquier - baby animation

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