Ideate Co-Working Space

Ideate Co-Working Space

by deboraj on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A co-working space that is dedicated for designers and artists, but also allows freelancers, self-employed workers, and content creators to work here.

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Project Brief:

The idea of co-working space is to help people who do not have their own personal offices and also to connect with other people. Many co-working spaces have been created nowadays, but it is still very rare to find a co-working space that is dedicated for designers. Therefore, Ideate is created to to fulfill this need. With Ideate, designers will be provided with facilities that they need. The objective of this project is to create a functional yet comfortable space for designers and others to do their work.

Target Market:

Designers and Artists, Freelancers and Self-Employed Workers, Content Creators



Ideate means 'form an idea of; imagine or conceive'. Design life revolved around the word 'imagination'. Therefore, the name Ideate is chosen to represent that visitors are allowed to use their imagination as wild as possible in this place.


NZ Wheels Bangsar

61, Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

The site is used as vehicle showroom with 2 floors. Its location is easily accessed by public and private transportation, making it convenient for the visitors to come here. Other than that, the surroundings, that consists of mall, restaurants, and residential, making this site suitable to be used as a co-working space.


Connection: Molecule

Connection is the action of linking one thing to another. Connection plays a big role in this project. Since Ideate does not limit anyone from any background to come and work in this place, a connection will be made. To get a better understanding of connection, molecule is chosen to represent connection in this project. Molecule itself means a group of atoms bonded or linked together.


                                                                          Ground Floor

                                                                          First Floor


                                                                       Reception Counter

When the visitors first come in, they will see the reception counter. It has a clean and minimalist design that uses white and wood laminate. The stairs handrail is designed to be connected to the reception counter.

                                                                       Event Space and Gallery

On the right side of the reception counter, there is an event space and gallery. The gallery will showcase designers' work and the event space can be used to host an event. These two spaces are divided by a shelf that can be moved to make the event space bigger if needed.

                                                                           Meeting Room

There are 4 meeting rooms in the co-working space that is completed with the facility needed for users to use when they have presentation and discussion. This room can be used up to 8 people. The design is simple and minimalist to give more space for people to circulate.

                                                                       Public Working Space

Using circular-shaped table gives the feeling of belonging and increase the interaction between the users. Also, for people who works alone, they will not feel lonely because of the table shaped.

                                                                        Telephone Booth

For users who wants to have a call, they can use the telephone booth, so that they will not disturb others. The booth is designed to be a closed space with chair and small table, as well as white board for them to take notes.

                                                                       Private Working Space

Some people prefer to have their own space to work and store their belongings. Therefore, private working area is provided; that is differentiate to 1 pax and 2 pax private working area. Basic needs for a working space is provided and it can be customized later on by the users.


There is a few types of seating that can be used by the visitors; such as the loose seating, bar seating, and outdoor seating. For the bar itself, there is an island bar and a bar that faces outdoor, so the users can see the view from outside when they are sitting here.


The background wall in the studio can be changed based on what the users desire. There is not many furnitures provided in this space to allow the users create their own layout and design for their shoots.


Basic gym equipment is provided for users who wants to exercise. While exercising, the users can have a view of the outside because of the window.

                                                                              Gaming Area

Area where users can play a few games that is provided, from games that uses screen to the games that can be played without any screens and technology.

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