Sebastian Flores 3D Entry

Sebastian Flores 3D Entry

Sebastian Flores
by flores on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

During my first year at FutureGames these are the projects that I am the most proud of.

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Tommy Shelby Diorama

For a character art course at FutureGames I chose to challenge myself by doing a likeness, which I had never done before! I tried to create a likeness of Tommy Shelby, from the Netflix series Peaky Blinders. I kept working on this on the side of my other courses, so this wasn't done in only 4 weeks. As a first proper character project I am happy with the results, but there is of course much to improve!

The UV's are not anything special except for the diorama ground, since there I baked a trim for the metallic edge around the platform, which you can see covers 3 UV tiles in the V direction.

Placement of hair cards, the rows of transitional cards was a game changer in regards to overall look of the hair.

It is built in pieces, so that you can break, reload and shoot it.


This next project was made mostly during a 5 week environment art course, with some adjustments after feedback.

When doing this environment I learned to utilize splines when building environments, both the water and the rope bridge are custom made splines, while the dirt trail is Unreal's landscape spline.

Materials made in Substance Designer (left to right, row by row): 2x Rock materials, dirt and dirt trail, tree bark, moss, under water rocks and water normals.

Lighting and level design

For a lighting and level design course we were supposed to reuse assets from the previous environment art course and design new areas with them, but there were also some new assets done. Here are the areas  I am most happy with.

This is another case of spline usage, but this one has both seamless sculpted geometry and baked normals. The tiling cliff material is doing all of the detailing, but I think the sculpted geometry gives some nice contoures.

And here is a torch I made for the cave area and connecting tunnels. The actual torch part is based on torches found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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