Sam Claydon | Environment Collection

Sam Claydon | Environment Collection

Sam Claydon
by SamClaydon on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Welcome! Here are three of my 2020 Projects that I am really happy with. 'Down the Mine' - My take on Cornwall mines, 'Wish Granting Rubber Chickens' - University Submission and 'Operation H2O'- Game Concept.

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'Down the Mine'

The concept stems from a Video Game idea that I had in which the human race has burrowed underground because more efficient power sources are found the deeper you are. This has lead humanity to leave the surface of the earth and live in societies underground.

I was inspired by mines that I used to visit in Cornwall when I was growing up.

‘Wish Granting Rubber Chickens’

This project was created for my 1st year submission for Falmouth University. The brief was to create a shop within Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter world.

I was inspired by a location in ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ called Fozzywig’s Rubber Chicken Factory. I wanted to create a shop that sells wish-granting rubber chickens. It was a strange idea but I feel that in the Harry Potter universe, with flying broomsticks and magic wands, wish-granting rubber chickens don’t seem that far out of place.

'Operation H2O'

Take aim with the Hydrator-nator! Operation H20 was the first project that I worked on during lockdown. This was a concept for a game that would focus on a world that resolves conflict with water fights. This scene would of been a headquarters for the player.

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