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Environments - Props - Stylized

Environments - Props - Stylized

Annelien Heyninck
by annelienheyninck on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there! My name is Annelien and in my entry I want to show the work I've been creating as well as give you a better understanding of my learning curve. I try to explore different styles and workflows to find what's really my cup of tea! Hope you'll enjoy.

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Endure and survive
A small environment in Unreal to learn how to create a believable scene.
The challenge for me here was to work with a tight deadline and still learn more about composition and lighting in Unreal Engine. Trying to capture realism with an amazing concept from Etienne Beaulieu.

When I created this scene I really wanted to learn how to make something look believable and how to get a mood across.

I've been enjoying lighting more and more in Unreal and I wanted to toy around with it in this scene to create a hopeful mood.

Most of the assets I used are from Megascans since this scene wasn't about modeling, but the focus was composition, lighting, mood.

Concept by Etienne Beaulieu


Tundra tells the story of a world where the snow did not melt anymore. A facility where last of humanity tries to preserve flora.

Since it was the first time I created a modular level, I wanted to focus on getting a better understanding of a non-linear workflow.

A lot of time went into planning ahead to be able to create such a large environment.

The project was inspired by the Outpost level from UT. I think it was the best example of showing balance in a level with detail and resting areas.

A breakdown of the assets and materials.


Say cheese!
I made this old Rolleiflex camera as my first PBR asset. I've always been into photography and decided to make this camera to learn more about the PBR workflow.

When I made this camera I tried to focus on real life materials and getting a basic understanding which effect years of use have on an object.

I modelled the high poly and low poly in 3ds Max and made the materials in Substance Painter. 

The shots I made are real time from Unreal which I used to try out different ways of presentation. Learning more about lighting in Unreal and getting a better feel for soft lighting.


Presenting the FN MINIMI! Practicing the proboolean workflow and learning more about gun metals were one of the main reasons why I chose this particular weapon.

I chose the FN MINIMI because my friends called me 'Mini' when I first started at Howest Univeristy in Belgium. Also because I wanted to practice the proboolean workflow and learn more about gun metals. 

The goal was to create a highly detailed PBR asset with clean bake and presenting it in Unreal Engine. 

I modelled the gun in 3Ds Max and baking and texturing was done in Substance Painter. 

All the shots are real time made in Unreal Engine and Edited in Photoshop. Because the materials are mostly dark in this gun I chose to present it with some warm light from the bottom to get a nice break up in the color on the barrel of the gun. On the right side I used colder light to showcase all the details and to get some rims.

To showcase every detail of the FN MINIMI I used the sequencer in Unreal Engine to get some nice shots. Which gave me the opportunity to learn how to use the sequencer. The music is not done by me.

Music: Zack Hemsey - "The Way (Instrumental)"


You’re a real sweet tooth aren’t ya?
A vintage dental chair from 1920 I made to get more into the PBR workflow. For this asset I focused on baking a bit more organic shapes and I tried to make the materials as realistic as possible according to my reference.

I chose this object because it would force me to create more organic shapes using hard surface techniques. Also because my brother is a dentist and the idea of making one of those old chairs made me very hyped to work on it.


Perished but never forgotten
My first time working with ZBrush by creating a small diorama from a combination of concepts from very talented artists:

'Ancient Gods Threshold II' from Elodie Mondoloni (
The stone construction based on 'Fantasy Environment' from Alexandr Nepogoda (
Forest's Blade from Becca Hallstedt (
Lantern from Becca Hallstedt (

I made a blockout in 3Ds Max and then kept on working in ZBrush. The diorama was poly painted and rendered in ZBrush.

I had a lot of fun exploring ZBrush and the possibilities in this program and I would love to work with it more in my professional carreer later.


The Maple season has begun and we only harvest the sweetest and best of our maple trees. Aged over the months, we guarantee a moment in paradise with our extra sweet Canadian maple syrup.

This little low poly 3D environment was created as a practice to working modular and reusing texture space to optimize and save time. The model is created in 3Ds Max and the textures are hand painted in Photoshop.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the work I created! If you have any questions about my workflow or certain projects,  feel free to ask!

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