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Fantasy Knight

Fantasy Knight

by michaelyang0627 on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my first finished character, started while I was in the character bootcamp program with Mario Stabile and Ryan Kingslien at Vertex School. My ArtStation:

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I really want to showcase the hair style as well, so I made one additional pose where she takes the hat off.

After finishing the poses, I started to play with lightings. And step by step figuring out the mood of the scene. On the LEFT, all the lights were white, and the left glove kinda fades into the background, overall the scene is not matching the dynamic pose from the concept.

 So in the MIDDLE, some rim lights were added, and color of the lights were tweaked toward a reddish, worm tone. And for a more battlefield feel, added fog and ember effects. Better, but now the source of the fire is not clear, and the scene doesn't convey the heat.

Thus, on the RIGHT, adding some smoke and another worm rim light on the left to highlight the character with a reddish tone. And create a red glow in the left sky, better contrasted with the right side.


I also experimented with different hair colors, and in the end decided that brunette is better suited for the face type I've modeled. 

For accessories, I spent quite some time detailing as well as figuring out the design of the sword and the sheath to match the design language of the entire concept. So here are some close-up shots.

Fire Ember

I didn't know how to do a proper fire sim to get the ember effect, and also how to get the sim to be in real-time. So I come up with a workaround solution using Houdini to animate some scattered points with turbulence noise, and stretched an image plane based on the velocity of the points.


A breakdown for the gloves, starting with the blockout phase, trying to match the reference's design. While the concept is amazing on it's own, I did make some design changes based on my taste and some feedbacks. And coming up with designs on the back side of things where the concept is not showing. After the design is set, it's the production workflow of Marvelous simulation, Zbrush sculpt, re-topo, and texturing.


The original concept is done amazingly by Han Woo:

Thank you for your time!!

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