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the Art of Naïm BONNOT

the Art of Naïm BONNOT

Naïm Bonnot
by naimbonnot on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, I’m Naïm Bonnot. I studied Concept Art & Illustration at the Artline Institut in Paris and you will see in this entry a selection of my work during this two years. My main skills are in backgrounds. That’s why you will find various concept art, pantings and animation of environments and props. Enjoy !

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Naljaag is my graduation project. I decided to take a description of a village from a short story written in the universe of the game League of Legends. Naljaag was therefore a village of Nordic and Viking inspiration, which was built under a waterfall. The mill was the center of this place but the whole village fell under a curse, whitch meant that everything was turned to stone. So i devoted myself to the visual development of the environment and i made two shots painted in Photoshop and animated in Blender.

Here is the first shot and the concepts of the project

And here is the second shot and a preview of the layers used in Blender.

Chambre 7 is a personal project. I developed a dorm room and imagine three different shot in it. You will find the three backgourds i painted, concept art and a process view.

This is a digital painting project entirely hand painted in Photoshop. You will find the final image as well as the perspective, sketch, light and detailing stage in the process view.

Time portal is a project in which I had to create a concept art for a live action movie of a room in which there was a space-time portal. So here is my realization which stages this portal with the military capsule ready to enter it. I built the image with a 3D base under Maya, texturing and basic Lighting, then colorimetric retouching, painting and photobashing in Photoshop.

And last, you can see un selection of photo studies, sketches and explorations that i realised to keep improving.


Thank you for watching this entry, i hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to give your feedback

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