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Bethany Fox
by bethanyfox, kieranbell, and tomdalton on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

3rd Year Degree Group Project at University of Hertfordshire

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Final year project, a game trailer rendered in UE4 set in Ancient Greece surrounding the myth of Medusa. Produced at the University of Hertfordshire


Director, Lead Character, post Beta Cinematography: Tom Dalton

Lead Environment and Prop Artist : Bethany Fox

Environment, Foliage and Texture artist: Kieran Bell

FX, Particles and Early Cinematography: Adam Souster


Overworld Temple

The temple was made with the colourful painted temples of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece in mind, using two trim sheets with choices of colours. Amphorae depicting the story of Medusa are placed inside the cella leading up to the aegis of Athena that bears Medusa's still dangerous head.

Overworld Environment

The landscape in StoneHeart was created using height maps for the hills and mountain ranges, and rock asset packs were used teamed with purpose-made foilage and textures. Together it makes a coherent and believable space of Mediterranean land.


A massive cavernous dimension with otherwordly magic to it, this is our depiction of Hades as a reflection of the Overworld- same geometry but with different lighting.


Kathe's face was made with photogrammetry, overall the character was a challenging process and it necessitated several re-designs. The most interesting decision made for this is when we moved away from the more historically accurate second design and towards the more refined look of the third chracter, as we felt that the technically correct look didn't match peoples perceptions of that period.


Having both dimensions to work with allowed for a diverse variety in the FX. The overworld provided a realistic basis to build upon, and the underworld allowed for a more ethereal and "out there" feel. The artistic freedoms were very enjoyable.

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