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by Beiqi Liu, Michael Schwedler, and aimi on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Monolit is an Android game that explores extra-dimensions of a classic lights out puzzle by wrapping its boundaries into a colorful cube. Rotate and tap to turn on the lights and unlock more challenging levels and special mechanics. Whether you are a casual tapper or a puzzle aficionado, this addictive mind-bender will

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A Mobile Puzzle Game - by Michael Schwedler, Beiqi Liu, and Aimi Watanabe

Monolit took 165 total man hours over 5 weeks, and it was a pleasure to work on.

At the beginning of development for Monolit, the first cases of the COVID-19 were only just beginning to make headlines, but by the time we were alpha and beta testing, everyone was carrying around hand sanitizer. We were just trying to test our game, passing our phones around to anyone and everyone we could find willing to play our new mobile project. Hopefully we didn't also spread any germs. By the time the final playable was due, the school had gone into quarantine mode until further notice. No one was allowed into the building and everyone was working from home stocked up on toilet paper.

Michael Schwedler - Game Design, Levels, Programming

Beiqi Liu - Modeling, VFX

Aimi Watanabe - UI/UX, SFX

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