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Houdini Practice

Houdini Practice

Aaron Dubois
by daaron on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm happy to present you several FX that I created during my first six months on houdini. It's the first time I show this kind of exercise. All was rendered with Mantra and the compositing was made with Nuke.

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For this first simulation, I started by creating a ground in order to fragment it in several pieces.
At the same time, I created a collider like a worm, it will be useful during the simulation and it will be the one that will push the pieces of rock.
The simulation is a simple RBD which have an interaction between the ground, the worm and the pieces. In addition to this, a small rock generator make the simu more credible.

For the second simulation, I created 4 particle generators : the column, around the column, on the ground and a cone starting from the ground.

All the particles are guided by a CurveForce, I completed the whole thing with a pyrosolver to get the desired smoke.

For the last one, I used a model from Mixamo, because I'm not an animator. This simulation was made with PopGrain and PopSolver, in this scene there are 3 millions of particles more or less.

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