Lost Mind

Lost Mind

LE FRIEC Cynthia
by eulalie and kiyouw on 14 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

It is our project of the last year study at New3dge School (graduated in 2019). The story happens in the 19th century in the English countryside. Ethan, who is now amnesic, returns in his house after an accident. He finds it empty and decides to look for his wife and his daughter.

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Lost Mind trailer :


Ethan Hunt

Here the Protagonist of the game Lost Mind. He's 35 years old.
He's a wealthy merchant. Amnesic, when he arrives in the mansion, he is a little confused and worried about what is going on...


She's Ethan’s wife.
We don’t know how long she’s been missing. She’s the daughter of an Indian tribal chief.
She married him after a trade deal.

Characters concept art :


Props concept art :

Props :

Gameplay :

Technical Part :

Lighting :
Manor top view.
Left : Lights off
Right : Lights on

Lost Mind video with lights off :

Lost Mind video with lights on :

Persistent Level blueprint: it manages the cursor position, the main menu and also the sequencer for the in-game trailer.

This is the blueprint menu :

Oil Lamp blueprint: it makes the lamp react to the movements of Ethan.

Head movement animation blueprint (Ethan’s head follows the cursor):

This blueprint manages the lights activation, clean interface after the trailer and all the sounds of the game:

Black fade when activating/desactivating lights :

Inspection blueprint :

Doors blueprints (the top one is when the door is locked, and the bottom one is when the player meets all the conditions that enable him to open the door):

Eulalie Brunaud : Character artist, props, concept Art, illustrations.
Cynthia Le Friec : Environment artist, lighting, technical artist.

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