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Laury Le Maguer - 3D Generalist - Rig Animation

Laury Le Maguer - 3D Generalist - Rig Animation

Hello I'm Laury ! I'm a third year student at ESMA in Lyon, France. Here are my projects from my first 3 years as a generalist and animator/rig artist for my last year. Hope you enjoy it !

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Punk dressing room - all aspects

Dressing room of a punk band in the 70's, in London. Probably after a long concert at the Marquee.
Concept by me.

Softwares used : Maya, Photoshop, Renderman (for Maya).

Insect study - all aspects

Rainbow stag beetle study.

Softwares used : Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Renderman (for Maya), Nuke.

Grooming - All aspects

Borzoi dog design.

Softwares used : Maya, Mari, Photoshop, Renderman (for Maya), Xgen.

Facade - All aspects but Chara modeling and rigging.

Final year project of my second year in ESMA Lyon : the facade.

We had to design a building facade of our choice and have an 11 seconds animation with it.
I went with a futuristic design, a shop on another planet where an alien delivery guy could have some troubles.

I made the animation,  rendering, and compositing in roughly 3 weeks.

All aspect done except the chara modelling and rigging. Swiff character made by the SWIFF movie team.

Softwares used : Maya, Mari, Photoshop, Renderman (for Maya), Nuke.


Compilations of some of my animations of my third year in animation.

Claw Truck RIG - All aspects

Mechanical rigging, learning all the basics of rigging mechanisms.

Softwares used : Maya.

SMOG rig and animation - Instant Revenge short movie

Rig Reel of SMOG featured in the short movie INSTANT REVENGE.
I was in charge of rigging and animating Smog and her power glove. I modeled her armor and glove. I also participated in the storyboard, environment concept, sound editing, and voice.

Softwares used : Maya.

Instant revenge credits

Alessio Ballerini (alball) : Chara-Design, Rig, Modeling, Sculpt, Animation of Flower Dude / Storyboard / Original Idea / Motion-design
Laury Le Maguer (lemaguerlaury): Rig, Animation, Hard-surface of Smog modeling / Environment concept-art / Sound-Editing / Storyboard
Océane Pennont (oceanepennont): Lighting / Compositing / Chara-Texturing / Sculpting / Concept-art / Storyboard / Matte Painting / Organic Modeling and Sculpt of Smog / Hairwork
Gaël Fourc (jaeger): Lighting / Compositing / FX / Environment modeling and texturing / Lookdev / Rendering 

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