Rekton Fung, the Concept Artist

Rekton Fung, the Concept Artist

Fung Man Hou
by rekton777 on 8 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are my works throughout my years of study in The One Academy. It's not much but they're honest works.

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In late 21 century, The Great Nuclear War brought by the worldwide conflict causes the people from MRSS (Mars Research Space Station) to turn their terraforming project (Project GE69) into an escape plan. They fled to Mars with two of their ships: GENE-4 and GENE-6. But only the people on GENE-4 made it to Mars on 2064.

Follow our protagonists Aiden, Ciaran, Andrea and Tammy on their journey to the missing ship GENE-6, as 5 years later the ship finally approach Mars atmosphere.

GENESIX by JardaSix is a group project I worked on during the third year of my study in The One Academy. Through this project I have further improved my character design skill. We had the opportunity to work as a team and create these concepts.

Aiden is the main character I worked on. Changing the direction of lighting on his face was challenging. The base space suit was designed by my teammate Alric. I had to modify the suit base on our story's 5 year time skip. Weathering the suit was a big challenge. I also gave him some pouches and climbing tools to show that he is more like an explorer.

The ranger is one of the antagonist's right hand man. I imagined him cloaking himself under the Mars' soil to ambush his foes. That's why I gave him a big cape.

I've also worked on some props to explore the world our protagonists live in.


The Story

We also did storyboarding  and colorsripts for this project. Which I've also learn an extra skill that is video editing since I was assign to be the animatics' editor.

Character IPs

Character designing plays a big roll in my life because I have always been doing it. I love designing characters and brainstorming their back stories. I will always imagine them being in a movie or even a game. I've always bad at expressing myself when I speak, so I will try to apply as many storytelling element to my design as possible to tell the story about by characters.

Other Stuffs and Fanarts

These arts included both school works and personal arts, they mainly consists of characters I like.

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