Toilet Issue

Toilet Issue

by juliechapelle on 7 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

All our team is proud to present you our 3rd year final project at ESMA Lyon ! A 2020 Redline short movie, directed by Louna PIETTE, Myrtil LAPIERRE, Srushti KAKADE, Manon ROSELLO, Julie CHAPELLE

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"Henriette, an uptight, high class old lady spends her life peacefully in the comfort of her luxurious lifestyle. One morning, she gets a uncomfortable, unexpected visit to her bathroom..."

Through a funny, light and absurd story, our goal is to hightlight different aspects of our contemporary society. Behind the unusual situation of a distinguished old lady in her intimity, we want to criticize the bourgeoisie behavior.


Manon ROSELLO at [email protected]

Srushti KAKADE at [email protected]

Myrtil LAPIERRE at [email protected]

Louna PIETTE at [email protected]

Julie CHAPELLE at [email protected]

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