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Last Road to Shangri-La
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Last Road to Shangri-La

A travelling scholar finally reaches the myth he has been searching for. No other person in living memory has seen the secrets - and possibly dangers - that it holds.

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Update - 4 May 2020

Value tweaks, and some extra rendering.

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Update - 3 May 2020

Added extra city elements in the background.

Update - 2 May 2020

Atmosphere and value tweaks.

Update - 1 May 2020

Second render pass.

Update - 1 May 2020

Since I'm starting this entry very late, I skipped doing 3d and defaulted back to pure 2d. I'll put each update on here as I work. Here's my initial thumbnail:

Blocking out details, and refining the composition.


First render pass. I'm thinking about adding extra buildings on the far mountains, and more detail on the travelling scholar.