Banana wars is a couch co-op game. The game is played on an island where each player plays a different type monkey. The goal of the game is collecting the most bananas. Each monkey type has his own unique ability to use! You can collect bananas by shaking trees, or battle for them with the other players!

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With this link you can download and play the game!

The first thing we implemented in our game was the main behavior of our character such as: picking up bananas, eating bananas to regain health and moving around with our characters. The artists started us off with a basic monkey, a tree and a banana mesh. We also started looking at the first implementations of our shader. 

This is the basic tree and the monkey mesh that we used for everything

The programmers started in our second week of development with making more gameplay implementations such as cacti that knock you back on hit. The artists started on making our island mesh and adding some more visuals to our monkey mesh in order to make more monkey types. The first animations were also added in this week. 

This is the basic cactus mesh , if you walk into it , you get stunned!

This is the Knight monkey, with he's ability u can charge! If u hit another monkey, he will be launched off the island!

This Monkey is a military one! He can shoot with his bazooka, when he hits another monkey they will get stunned and lose health!

With the builder monkey u can build a wall to protect yourself!

In the third week of our development our artists started on making the environment look more appealing. The programmers started on implementing the first monkey specific abilities. The first ability they finished was our the “knight monkey’s charge”. The pirate monkey mesh was also added in this week.

The fourth week we started on making the selection screen in order to choose the different types of monkeys. The second part of animations was added in this week as well. The animations that were added were the idle animation for the tree, idle for the cactus and the stun animation for the monkey. Also some smaller features were added like for instant a health system. Also our final monkey type “the farmer” was added to the game.

The fifth week was all about abilities for our programmers. We implemented all the abilities for each monkey at this stage. All was going fine except for the pirate monkey’s “grappling hook ability.” The artists made sure that the abilities looked clean for example the wall for the builder, the cactus for the farmer, etc. 

The sixth week we had the eastern holiday to work (weeks 7 and 8). SO a lot has changed this period. The first UI elements were added. The main menu was finished the random nature events were added (lightning, tornado). The visuals were made and particle systems were designed to make our game look epic. The game was starting to work at this point and playing it was starting to feel like a real game. We also made an intro for our game.

- cooldown icons

The ninth week we our first week of polishing. The first thing we finished off was the pirate to make sure his ability worked perfect. We also cleaned up our UI in game so you could see the recharge timer of your ability. The artists finetuned the island and water to look more alive and vibrant. The end screen was also added in this week. The tenth and final week we focused only on animations and user feedback. The programmers made sure that the animations worked smoothly in our games, while the artists started to make visual user feedback.

These 2 process views are every scene in our game in the two different shaders that we have!

This is the game trailer!

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