Not so far away
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Not so far away

We live through the ruins of ancient civilizations. Inspired at first by Piranesi's work, this project aims to convey that feeling of admiration for nature and ancient societies expressed by romanticism paintings. Sacred cities and temples, now forgotten, that keep the roots of our own civilization.

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Update - 28 Apr 2020

The image kept evolving and I was able to add back the statue. I've to continue working on the columns, but for now I left the entire row as a reference to help me keep building the rest of the composition.

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Update - 25 Apr 2020

And here's the current state of the image. There's still a lot to do, I need to enrich the empty spaces, add more vegetation and clean it up in general. At least now it feels that the main elements are on the right places.

After some more work it felt necessary to wide up the whole composition and give more visual space between the different objects. I think it allowed the entire image to 'breathe', eventhough it lead me in a different direction than from the idea that I had in mind at the beggining.

Following the previous drawing, I did a basic color blocking and started adding some of the most signifitave elements of the composition. I eventually decided to remove the sculpture from the image, since it felt anecdotic.

Update - 20 Apr 2020

After minimalising the chosen composition I started adding the main elements of the image, taking as reference ancient greek and roman ruins. Although I let the composition grow in a different direction than the one I first intented, I still keept the same inner and dynamic structure.

From here I will work on the light and color blocking.

As a starting point I did some quick drawings studying different possible compossitions for the final image. I ended up choosing the 2nd one since the vanishing points and inner diagonal structure make it feel more dynamic than the others. The shapes may be a bit more intrincate and hard to read, but I think that after simplifying it a bit, it will make the whole image much more interesting visually.