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Ethan McKenna - Rookies Entry 2020

Ethan McKenna - Rookies Entry 2020

Ethan McKenna
by ethanmckenna on 1 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Working hard to improve my skills as an Artist. Currently Studying at CDW Studios in Adelaide, South Australia.

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                     Captain Shiba                                         Character Reveal

The goal of this project was to make a short animated 'mock' character reveal trailer using after effects, A Video that would be used to promote a new playable character in a MOBA or Arena fighting game.

The idea of this project was to design a PvP/PvE game with a heavy focus on Fighting, scavenging, looting, crafting and exploring. The player would spawn into a large map as a baby Lizard and would have to gather materials to craft weapons and other gear whilst actively seeking mini-bosses in order to get special gear that would allow them to have an edge over other players they might run into on their journey. As you survive your lizard will grow and become stronger. 

Each player would spawn into a certain territory of the map, which would dictate their lizards colour, strengths and weaknesses. specific materials could only be found in their respective environments which would incentivise player exploration.


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