Cleric of the Forge  - Environment and Character Design

Cleric of the Forge - Environment and Character Design

Marissa Schmidt
by sunasoldier on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In the world of Avalos there are many wild and wonderful adventurers. This exploration for my entry to the Rookies Awards is one of many adventurers for this custom Dungeons and Dragons setting. I am Currently Studying at Flinders University / CDW Studios in Adelaide, South Australia.

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In this classic fantasy setting, Avalos is the singular continent of the globe, in which all nature of races reside. Monsters are plentiful and magic is unruly in this chaotic and dangerous world filled with political turmoil and limitless adventure.

"Black Gate stands at the mouth of the ever-tumultuous Black Mountain. Behind this thick iron gate is the impenetrable fortress of the Dwarvish people. A hot and rocky oasis at the heart of the active volcano."  - Adventurers Guide to Avalos Vol.6 (Chapter 3: Dwarves)

Below is the Map of Avalos. Recently recreated and updated from its original inception back in 2017.

"In the concentric town of Black Gate many a dwarf call home. Each ring of this large city holds a fraction of the population hundreds of kilometres above the active Black Mountain Volcano. Dwarven technologies have always been a gem-cut above the rest which allows our people to harness the thermodynamic properties of the volcano itself." -  Adventurers Guide to Avalos Vol.6 (Chapter 3: Dwarves)

OUTER RING: Copper or Common Dwarves and the many adventurers and tourists who travel for weeks to visit the soot city. All manner of services are offered from the most general of General Goods to the Specialists Services Sector where plenty of qualified artisans set up shop. Tale tells of a shop that sells a single item. "If you have to ask, then no, you can't afford it" - Betrug Curator of The Geld Emporium.

MIDDLE RING: Silver Dwarves - Middle Class. More sophisticated shopping and leisure including Museum, Library and Dwarvish Theatre! The entrance gates were built opposite to one another, to slow down possible invasions. Little did the Old Dwarves predict they were the only ones to prefer living atop an open Volcano.

CENTRAL RING: Also known as the Gold Ring, this slice houses the Dwarvish Elite. It holds central city storage, much of the military and the ruling family. This ring is ground only for fellow Dwarves. No adventurers allowed.

Our Hero. A Dwarvish Woman, a Cleric of the Forge. Nardeana Rook

"Dedicated to the Eternal Forge, Clerics who follow the Dragonlance god Sirrion strive for balance. They preach whilst he will burn those who play with fire, he does so to teach them respect; fires only rage out of control when they belong to Sargonnas. They travel the world smiting evil and bringing light and warmth to those left in darkness" - 'So You Want to Worship The Forge?' Pamphlet of Sirrion

After completing her kindling rituals as a Sister at the Church of the Ancients, Nardeana sets off on her most challenging mission yet. She, like other adventurers are called upon to vanquish a great threat. Vampire covens have started popping up all over Avalos and the rulers of Manheim have called for more help. She must equip herself, travel to Ashwood and hunt down a budding clan before it gains hold. 

I would like to thank Reid Schmidt, our Dungeon Master and writer of our campaign. Without which we wouldn't have such a rich and vibrant world to create art and characters from. Throughout this entry I have consulted with him making sure that everything is lore friendly and a good reflection of the campaign he has written and I have illustrated for the last few years. Thanks!

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