Lighting Artist Reel - Jorge Uchoa

Lighting Artist Reel - Jorge Uchoa

Jorge  Uchoa
by jorgeuchoa on 20 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my show reel that I created in the 4 month Digital Lighting Artist (Katana) Program at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects.

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Lighting Reel

Demo reel I produced while attending Lost Boys lighting program.

CGI Integration

Lighting and comp of a digital head onto a frame of the movie AD Astra (2019)

Cartoon Night

Lighting and comp. I painted a stylized sky background to help with the cartoon lighting.

Sci-Fi Corridor

Lighting and comp. Lights are animated around the character to keep a visual consistency along the camera movement.

Romantic Crime Scene

Lighting and comp establishing two different moods for the same scene location. 

Portrait Lighting

Lighting of the same object in different ambients.

Lighting for VFX

Lighting for live plate integration.

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