VFX Compositing - Kevin Neyrinck

VFX Compositing - Kevin Neyrinck

by kevinneyrinck on 14 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Welcome to my entree which I created while attending Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE, Belgium). Hope you enjoy it, high five it and share it! Don't hesitate to make contact if you got any question!

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Awesome project to film and keying.
Programs: Maya / BlackMagic Fusion / After Effects

Little project focusing on tracking and then implementing realistic 3D elements (with a bit of IT flavour).
Programs: Maya / PFtrack / Subtance Painter / BlackMagic Fusion.
3D: Railing from Megascans

Combining Face Tracking with procedural 3D to create an ivy like mask. Learned a lot about researching houdini for this.
Programs: Maya / PFtrack / BlackMagic Fusion / Houdini

Bringing boardgames to life!
Breaklights / exhaust fumes / ... where all made in Fusion.
Programs: Maya / 3dsMax / Blackmagic Fusion
3D: plastic version of my full High Poly model (click here)

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