Winners announced for Rookie Awards 2021


Coline Mesplou
by Gaianka martinet , Pauline Toutain, Thierry Hav, coline mesplou , dracochat, dracochat, and melissa Fournier ; Amélie Goursat on 22 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"A young lonely lion crosses an arid and desert savannah. He discovers that the only source of water is kept by a tyrannical buffalo. " Graduation short film

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                                                                          VISUAL DEVELOPMENT 2D to 3D

Creating the sets

Creating the characters

Preparing the animation

Preparing Mastershots and overall colors

                                                                                     MAKING OF

rig, lookdev, lighting, compo, fx, optimization , animation

The trailer !

Full movie , available without password on esma channel soon !

LION team <3

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