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Veerle Zandstra - Portfolio

Veerle Zandstra - Portfolio

Veerle Zandstra
by veerle on 16 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

As my entry for the Rookies award, I collected all my best works together and showcase them in this post. I have a wide range of interests in the field of art, from creatures to environments, and from stylized to realism. I am currently a student at Howest DAE and hoping to land my first job in the industry this year.

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The Vast Jungle

I would like to start off my Rookies award entry with the project I am most proud of. "The Vast Jungle" is a project I did for school, where we were assigned to design our own stylized art style and describe the style through an intricate art bible. For this project, I decided to turn it into a small world building project, where the main character is a small monkey-like creature that is travelling through the great jungle, but ended up getting lost. 

One of my main inspirations for this project is the game "Ori and the Blind Forest", which is one of my favorite videogames. I have a deep love for forests, nature and anything organic shaped and wanted to show that with my work. 

Hero and Mount

This was a small creature design project. The challenge was to design a mount creature for an already existing character design and adapt that artstyle. I chose a design by Allon Cremer (character on the right) and designed him a mount.

Dungeons and Dragons prop designs

5 props I designed to fit my Dungeons and Dragons character Daisy Moonflower, who is a bard from a travelling group of street performers who have been all over the world! Her items have exotic and gypsy-inspired elements. 

I was very happy to find out that some of these items designs went viral and got 3D modelled and sculpted by a bunch of other artists!

The Dragon Warriors

The topic for this project was "dragon stable". I though a lot about various purposes for this stable and came up with the idea of a training facility, where dragons are trained to fight and fly like warriors. I was inspired by native American architecture and decided to go for a Grand Canyon inspired environment. 


A post-apocalyptic scene of a ship that got stranded inside of a church after a natural disaster. This ship however, is now being used as a hide out.

Personal character illustrations

When I am in between big projects, or just feel like taking a break from one, I enjoy drawing character portraits. These are the type of drawings I have made ever since I was young and they help me improve on my brush strokes, anatomy and undertstanding of light and color. I often draw these from imagination, and sometimes I use photo references. 

The old Man's War

The Old Man's War is a book by John Scalzi, about human kind travelling into outer space and fighting wars against alien species. There is no official concept art or designs of the aliens described in this book. There are quite a bunch of species, but I took 2 of these and decided to design them a look. 

Other Characters

These are a collection of character designs I have made for smaller projects.

Thank you very much for taking the time to scroll through my entry,  I hope you like what you saw!

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