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by natte on 1 Jun 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

character art

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Basilisk (aka Cockatrice)

Mythical creature that according to polish legends, can turn a man into a stone. My version adapts the legend a bit -the feathers on a tail mimic the eyes ( as cobras or butterflies do) to confuse or intimidate opponent.

software used: zbrush, mari, maya

inspiration: roosters, feathered dinosaurs

Victorian girl 

originally wanted to make two versions of the girl - real life and ghost like. the character is still in the development.

software used: zbrush, mari, Maya

textures made using head model from

Alina (polish girl with raspberries)

inspired by novel by J. Slowacki and polish folklore. Zmora (polish demon) disguised as a nice young girl.

Software used- zbrush, mari, maya

texture painted with texturingxyz 

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