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2018-2019 Character Illustration Portfolio

2018-2019 Character Illustration Portfolio

Franchesca Perez
by franchescaperez on 1 Jun 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A chronoloigically ordered, personal collection of character art I made from 2018 to 2019, from fanart to original work. Any feedback is appreciated as my goal is to always improve!

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Girl in a Lake - Early 2018

The original concept was for a fan "zine" that got cancelled, and I scrapped it. It became it's own concept as an original illustration retaining little from the sketch. Unfortunately, I lost my progress shots when my computer died again in summer 2018.

Idea: Lake or pond, trees, frog, goldfish or koi fish, frogs, green colors, leaves.

Execution: Girl who likes frogs or has several green elements in a lake.

Merlyn Wood Fan Art - Spring 2018

Merlyn Wood is a rapper that's a part of Brockhampton, a "boy band". I made fan art of him with a bunch of slushees and cereal, partly as a reference to one of their music videos ("Boogie") where Merlyn tries to drink straight from a slushee machine at a gas station. The drawing was supposed to capture a bit of the manic and wild energy he has in that video as part of his character.

These were some of the images I had for both reference and inspiration. Pictures and shots of Merlyn Woods, Iced Smoothies, and a vague idea for the color palette that kept changing.

Mint Choco Cookie Fan Art - Summer (June) 2018

This is fan art of Cookie Run, a mobile platform game made by devsisters where you run, slide, and jump through obstacles to escape getting eaten or baked by an evil witch. The game is pretty fun and I drew one of the characters, Mint Choco Cookie, running in one of the fire levels while playing his violin and summoning big coins which is one of his abilities.

I thought it's be a good opportunity to paint some of my favorite colors.

The art timelapse of me making this drawing also doubled as footage for a video commentary I did on mental health and art creation.

When I did the colored sketch I was satisfied with I colored in the base colors of the background, and planned an idea for how I wanted the composition (Objects around the character leading towards the character's head), then I added flames and coins following those lines. I took off one of the coins as it disrupted the composition, and I rendered the rest.

Fairy Godmother - Summer (July) 2018

This was an entry for "Ibis Paint X & Clip Studio Paint Collaboration" contest where the theme was "hats and caps", and I made it with the idea of a fair godmother transforming their godchild in mind.

I initially used Ibis Paint X mobile on my phone to do the initial thumbnailing and sketch, then transferred it to my PC to draw in Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint. I changed the characters heavily, rendered it after I was satisfied, and photo-bashed free stock photos of smoke and paint that I over-painted the textures to fit my brush strokes. 

Ariana Grande (God Is A Woman) Fanart - Summer (July) 2018

I was inspired by Ariana Grande's ("God is a Woman") music video. The marbling paint effect was very mesmerizing to me and I wanted to capture the feeling and colors from that section in the video where she swirls the pearlescent purple paint.

This one was a lot more straight-forward in it's process. It didn't get as much of an overhaul from the initial rough sketch. It started with a sketch of the body and head, using less parts of the body later on, blocking out the colors, and then fine-tuning the details with a bit of tweaking of the facial features. 

Venom Fan Art - Fall (October) 2018

Watching the 2018 Venom movie by Sony reminded me of my fascination of comic book characters, it was a fitting time to make content of the alien symbiote so I did. This iteration was partially inspired by Ryan Ottley's version of venom in the comics.

I used Adobe Sketchbook mobile for every step, though the art timelapse video I did also functions as a re-review for Autodesk Sketchbook mobile.

It started with doodles I scrapped, then proper sketches, line-art focusing more detail on the face, flat colors, shading, and effects.

Original Art Portraits - Late (December) 2018

These were quick drawings I made with the purpose of making stickers. The one on the left draws inspiration from 1970s Shoujo manga tropes and the one on the right is an original character I plan to use later on.

Sakura Parvati Concept Illustration Re-design (fan art?) - Early (February) 2019

concept: If vessels from FGO changed appearances more according to their host and Parvati embodied more of her duality with Re-incarnation + Dusk & Dawn (symbols of fertility, beauty, and love), a character design exercise illustration.

The sketch and first colors (the first 2 drawings in the process) were done on Medibang Paint on mobile, then transferred onto PC to finish the rest.
The face was changed drastically from anime-esque to semi-realism, and so were the clothes and pose.
All was done to achieve my idea of symbols based on what I read while researching symbolism, religion, and art history. 

White henna on her feet, red dye on her hands, and clothing that's a cross between Bollywood and every day life ended up becoming a part of the drawing. 

Subtle symbols of fertility (almond-shaped), repetitive circles (wholeness), flowing water ("the flow"), gold (pretty obvious connotations of richness), and lotus (common in Hindu iconography).
As far as my understanding, the vessel is not directly Parvati so it doesn't have the same rules and limitations as direct religious iconography.

Simple #DrawThisInYourStyle - Spring (March) 2019

My versions of characters made by yunihime, guillmon9005, and pourmeacupofgalaxy on instagram respectively. This part is for fun.

Angel and Magical girl - Spring (March) 2019

Testing out my capabilities in messing around with background and characters to make art with a different "sense" to it.

Mermay - Summer (May) 2019

A few drawings I made for the theme of mermaids in May. I experimented with colors in these.

Realistic Portrait - Summer (May) 2019

I drew a friend's original character, Cato Otani, for fun. These are the 3 versions of the same portrait. He is a character whose eyes glow when using his powers, and i slightly implemented that in one of the versions.

I am big on character illustration and I am still studying and making some serious improvements. Don't be surprised if I make bigger strides after this!

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