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Jamie Callow
by Callum Beadle, Gabriel Woolnough, Paul Christoforakos, Storm Flemming, Thomas Victor Siney, Vilte Bendžiūtė, jamiecallow, and teeteegone on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Spire is our second-year university game project produced over the course of a semester during our time at the University of Hertfordshire. The game, which is built entirely in Unreal Engine, follows the path of a Knight on his journey through a cold and harsh forest.

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Spire puts the player in the armour of a knight in their struggle to survive against the eldritch creatures hidden within a frozen forest, armed with a new form of sacred rifle, facing the dark forces of these woods will be no easy task.

Core Team:

Environment & Prop art, Lighting, Editing:

Character Art, Technical Art, FX:

Weapon Art, Prop Art, FX, UI:

Rigging, Animation, Technical Art:

Creature Animation:


Tileable Materials:

Music & Sound Design: Paul Christoforakos

Prop Art, Foliage:

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