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Graduation film work - 2019

Graduation film work - 2019

Florian Rigollet
by florianrigollet on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is what I did this year for my graduating short movie. I worked on the main-character's face, on shots lighting and compositing. I'm excited to show you the work I put a lot of effort on, I hope you'll like it.

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So this is a presentation image, with a bit of compositing. All was rendered with Renderman 22 and Maya. I used Nuke and Photoshop for editing. I started from a scan I made of a friend, cleaned and sculpt it in Zbrush. I made 10 UDIMS 8K (because of the close-ups shots in the movie) 

Turn with a simple HDRI

Light Turn

Color pass and Spec pass. I painted the 8K color map in Mari with 16 bit cross polarized photo-based textures I made and then cleaned in Photoshop and Nuke. Displace and bump are a mix of Custom displace made with the color, scuplt with Zbrush and Texturing XYZ. I also painted specular maps (2 for color/intensity and 2 for roughness, because I shaded 2 speculars), custom AO maps, skintones map and masks.

WIP Shots with Ethan's face. I did all aspects of these shots except the helmet and facial rig/animation

Some shots I did - Lighting & Compositing - Maya Renderman Nuke

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