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Colombe FRETEL - Concept Art 2024

Colombe FRETEL - Concept Art 2024

Colombe Fretel
by arkonost on 25 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

I'm a final year concept art student at Artside school, in France. I do characters, environments and props design. Please enjoy!

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Hello Travellers

This is a compilation of my work done during these last few months as a last year Concept art student at Artside. There are both school work and personnal projects, please enjoy !

Contact: [email protected]
Artstation portfolio

Marthe Dual Swordfighter

Done as a side project with classmates from school, we decided to try ourselves with Hades' fantastical art direction. Each of us imagined a fighting game character with no restriction on the theme. 

Thanks to Jeremy Vitry for his precious feedback !

Amuntes - Worldbuilding project

During these last months at Artside I had the opportunity to develop a personnal worldbuilding project. This was a great experience in which I learned a lot of lessons, not only skill-oriented, but also writing, time-managing, but also learning to be less harsh on myself, by experimenting with new processes and styles. 

Huge thanks to the various mentors we had the opportunity to learn from, who all have been a great help thanks to their valuable feedbacks on the project: Quentin GautierBoell OyinoInes 'Ourka' RotzingerArthur MougneEtienne SavoieGrosnez and Jeremy Vitry.


Inspired by classic fantasy RPGs, I challenged myself to create a game mock up that could replicate the feeling of the old games while adding a modern painted style. I'd love to come back to this project to create more moods in the dungeon.

Arend and Eswald - The Eye Patrol

Worldbuilding personnal project I started in January, I'm trying to expand the lore with more characters and environments in my free time !

Bookshop Owner

Part of the worldbuilding project! Still in progress, I have a lot more to add to this part.

The Night Crusade

Concepts I've made for a project for school, huge thanks to Grosnez for his feedbacks as always! 

We decided to take inspiration from Wayfinder's art style and create a city in a medieval dark fantasy world.

Random Stuff

Sketches and concepts from various projects that I've never got to complete, but still wanted to share some bits! 

Thanks to Ines Rotzinger for her help on the food trailer!

That's all folks!

Thank you for scrolling through my work! It was an honor to share it this year again. 
I would like to thank the Artside team and all our mentors for their dedication and all the knowledge and skills I've gained from them during my three years here.

You can check my Artstation portfolio for more stuff!
Contact me via e-mail for any question or inquiry: [email protected]

See you next year ! 

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