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Verity Broad
by VerityBroad on 21 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Zoe cannot wait to move out and pursue her dream of working as a zoologist in Africa! However before she leaves, she thinks back to the childhood memories that will always remind her of home.

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Unpacking is a solo student film I have produced as my final degree project at the University of Hertfordshire. My aim with this film was to capture the feeling of looking around your empty bedroom before moving out of the home you grew up in. I wanted to use visual storytelling to emulate how both excitement for the future and longing for the past combine to create a bittersweet feeling that is universally experienced by so many people. The character of the elephant toy was created to represent this feeling and show that even though we eventually move on, we can still remember the moments that led to where we are today. 

Here is some Pre-production work that I made during the development of the film

Background Painting Process

Examples of backgrounds created for my short film

Thank you to my freelancers! Livia Torres, Eduardo Matthew Anggara, Kevin Newell, Emi Peterson and Anoushka Shellard!

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