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Celestia's Whisper

Celestia's Whisper

Nichapat Thanasuan
by sakijung on 20 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

This is my final project for the Advanced Term at Think Tank Training Centre. It features a 70000 BC building concept. I crafted all modeling and texturing from scratch, setting it in a forest with a surrounding canal or river. I used SpeedTree for trees and hand-painted leaf and bark textures in Photoshop.

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Celestia's Whisper

Main shot

This is my final project for the Advanced Term at Think Tank Training Centre, featuring concept art for a building from 70000 BC. Working on this concept was a bit challenging because the concept only included the building, making it fun for me to create the foliage and forest in 3D for the first time.

Reference Board







Foliage Speedtree


Echoes of the Past

This is my intermediate final project from Think Tank, which is all about creating 3D environments for games. It took about 18 days. Concept art by Yupasorn and Sakijung(Nichapat Thanasuan).

Reference Board

Main Shots



Interior design

Lucia's Church

For my foundation final project, I've chosen an image that I created for my previous company to use as a concept. This image is one that I've wanted to work on for a long time. There are no characters in this image, but what I'm most excited to attempt is the stained glass portion. And since I haven't had much experience with 3D before, it's quite challenging, but I'm enjoying the process of working on it.




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