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.SOUL by Daniel Lopez

.SOUL by Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez Morales
by 32DanielLopez on 13 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

.Soul is an IP Project Scify with Retro references where I have mixed dark fantasy and american comic style. A semi-realistic stylised style project with an atmosphere and a saturated colour palette to evoke emotions such as claustrophobia or fear.

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.Soul is a story of social revolution set in a ghetto where the player will have to face Ai dex to free the soul of her beloved. 

A critique of how technological advances depersonalise the individual and turn society into robots

The player  -  Asassin cyborg - Fast an lethal

Lilith, a skilled, stealthy, and lethal cyborg assassin. She is a woman of few words, serious and silent, the crimson X of her visor the last thing her victims see in the alleys of Irkalia.

I chose this palette to contrast with her companion, Aradia, and to relate to the colors of the world around her, aiding in her camouflage.

As a weapon, I explored different ideas and made many sketches until I found a design that I liked. This cannon sits on the forearm and expands as it opens. It fires photovoltaic bursts of concentrated light that disable machines and severely damage enemies.

In the first explorations, I imagined Lilith as a man. However for my story I didn't want to fall into the stereotypes of a man saving his beloved and thought of her as a couple of two women. I also explored the idea of her carrying a sniper rifle, however I decided to think of something more unique for this character.

The World: Irkalia

To end each section of this character portfolio I decided to include a section with my environments to give context to the world around them.

Supporter - Annoying - Intelligence

Aradia is creative, irritating and very intelligent. She never shuts up and is sometimes a bit childish but she has a big heart. She is always accompanied by her little robot Hop who helps her with analysis and guidance. She is the perfect complement to Lilith and always supports her in her battles. She has an energy shield to protect her from enemies.

During its development I thought of different ideas for this character. At first I liked the idea of her being a hacker and playing with the wires around her. I also liked the idea that with her tongue she could connect to the machines around her. Finally, in order not to complicate the understanding of the character I decided to simplify by eliminating this decision. Her role is that of support, an intelligence spy character with a drone to help the player.

Citizens: Robots Slaves

The citizens of Irkalia are slaves of the AI AI DEX. They are controlled and forced to work in this city in exchange for the energy that keeps them alive, living in containers stacked in large Babel towers.

These are the protagonists of the game, the heroes of my story. To give context to the dynamics between them I wanted to make the following illustration.

The Mayor - Corrupt - Gangster

Charonelli, the corrupt mayor of Irkalia. A mobster with a lust for power and a gun in his left hand. He controls the slums of Irkalia, is easy to anger and works under the orders of AI DEX.

I ended up being very happy with the development of this character. I think you quickly understand the role he plays in the story. I was looking to mix grunge with the stereotypical evil rich man.

For the development of his vehicle I wanted to combine retro and vintage with the modern concept of the flying vehicle. I was looking for an Art Deco style that could fit in with my story.

During the exploration phase I took references from known mafia series, as well as from clich├ęs of known characters that fit this role. My main goal was to show their personality in the design.

Day to day. The means of transport in the city. With this image I wanted to show the two ways of travelling in the city. On the one hand the cars for the most powerful class while the workers who have no relevance travel in these HyperLoop tubes as an underground.

The God - Manipulator - Evil AI 

The evil god of this futuristic dystopia. An AI that enslaves the souls of its victims in robot bodies to control them in its city. The desire of this artificial intelligence is to dominate the universe and make all living beings part of his city as robot slaves.

For the development of this character I wanted him to show the evil and toxicity of a manipulative mind. I tried to explore different materials and different forms. I wanted it to be related to the calypso club and I mixed retro with modern.

Free time: Club Calipso. For free time I wanted to show the decadence of the city, the decadence of a society in a state of enslaved depression. I also made explorations of shops and the vibe of the nightlife.

Next, to give more context to the city, I drew up a number of sketches of robots that could be found in Irkalia. A series of robots divided between: Normal citizens, Enemies of the player and Strippers. Through the latter I wanted to show the decadence of the city.

Finally, to show the versatility and intentionality in the design style of my portfolio I wanted to showcase my skills in both Zbrush and Blender by sharing 3D explorations of robots and environments.

HHere are some other 3d scans that I did not include in my portfolio. Around the same initial idea of this world

Thank you very much for taking the time to view my work. I hope you enjoyed creating this world as much as I enjoyed creating it =)

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