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Alessandro Cornacchia: SciFi Modeling and Texturing Portfolio

Alessandro Cornacchia: SciFi Modeling and Texturing Portfolio

Alessandro Cornacchia
by Xeladraws on 16 Apr 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

This is the best my CG skills can get you at the moment. Worked long and hard, hopefully it shows. Enjoy and read image descriptions!

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"Humanoid Mecha Design: GA-013" by Alessandro Cornacchia

This was designed, modeled, textured and rendered by me. I've always been a huge fan of From Software's series Armored Core since I was a kid so when I had to pick a personal project for my portfolio I thought it would be cool to do a huge fu**ing mecha! 

Embodies exactly what I like in robot design: aerodynamic, "still in development" design feel, flimsy & fast af, not necessarily super high tech.

It simply would have not been possible without the skills, ability and mindset SkyUp Academy taught me in the VFX course I attended so... I'll use this platform as well to thank them all, especially Mr Preside (Mr Principal) Mauro Baldissera and all his collaborators.

Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Vray, Phoenix, After Effects, PS.

Beauty with FX.

Vray Edges with FX.

Still beauty with FX.

Turntable: Beauty - Diffuse - Roughness - Metallic - Normal

Topology showcase.

Few blocking and WIPs. The old blocking model is actually the side mecha undergoing repairs in the project entry further ahead. A few changes have been made in the design for silouhette and shape considerations; many components have been resized moved and/or rebuilt completely. The final smoothed model is approximately 2 million polygons while the unsmoothed one is 200K. Definitely VFX oriented.


"Mecha Hangar" by Alessandro Cornacchia

This is exactly the type of environment that I envisioned while I was modeling my mecha. It's supposed to be a "regular day in the repair shop" kind of vibe. Hopefully it transferred.

The whole thing was designed, modeled, textured and rendered by me. The only exception is the few soldiers present through out the scene. This project has been a true skillcheck for me, I'm really happy with the final result tho. Worth the stress.

Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Vray, After Effects.

Edited final render with SFX for a more immersive feel.

5 days to render omg

Vray Edges - Clay - Beauty - Beauty (edited)

Texture passes: Diffuse - Roughness - Metalness - Normal - Beauty

Vray Edges close-ups

The whole thing took 4 months to complete so it simply wouldn't have been possible to condense all the blocking, failures, canceled bits and everything else in a single PureRef. Hopefully this gives and idea of what this creative journey has been like!


"Escape From Jabiim" a SkyUp Academy tribute thesis.

At this point of the entry you probably think that I had to do with the modeling of the ship... you'd be right.

Nine people in total partook this project.

Beauty final, with role description and work showcase.


"Flyby Over Rocky SciFi Structure" by Alessandro Cornacchia

This was my UE5 project with the adult supervision of UE artist Cosimo Grujic at SkyUp Academy.

I used some old personal projects to top up the scene.

Beauty final with SFX and boaring fighter jets made by me.

Ambience render with not so sunny sky.

The old blocking of the hero building in my scene. More to come ahead in the entry.

Advanced modeling, Substance Painter UVs viewport and in-scene UE5 views.

This was super fun to do.

My old models. These are the star fighters that fly over the building in the first beauty render.

First one is based on the R-352 Sepia from Ace Combat 3 "Electrosphere".

Second one is based on the Viper Mk II from the tv series Battlestar Galactica.

These were done in Blender back in the day. Enjoy.

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