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Two Nerds - Short Comic Campaign Design

Two Nerds - Short Comic Campaign Design

Tremarie Smith
by RemieWyk on 12 Apr 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

A short illustrated story I came up with 7 years ago to challenge myself, I wrote the plot, drew the characters and... it gathered dust for several years. UNTIL finally the Academy of Digital Arts' Concept Art course came along and prompted the idea to be dusted off and renewed for their campaign design assignment.

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Two Nerds (Working title...)

The short comic about kids going on a perilous shopping trip for their dad. Three sisters get separated and all seems lost for the youngest and smallest, but she meets a ghost and they brave the big scary world with dinosaurs and weird magic monsters together. 

Comic Page Process...

I start my page process with scripting; events, dialogue and descriptions for expressions, setting or actions in scenes. After which I begin to sketch the thumbnails, then draw those panels and their lettering onto a page (usually digitally since it's easier to move panels around or edit them) and then add clean lines, tones and colour until I'm reasonably happy with how the end result reads.

The Setting...

Individuals with temperature, light or dust sensitivity are highly vulnerable to the elements while the ever-present dangers of wild saurian hybrids and scourged magic constructs wander the bushveld in Yonderly.

Asset Design...

A visit to the McGregor museum helped me to decide which objects would be relevant to the characters in the setting, things that were used by hunter-gatherers in the Karoo. 

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